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Beehive: The Beehive is your "property" or in most cases your home(s)


Hivenet: The Hivenet is the social media network of Bee Your GC. Use the Hivenet to communicate with other users.

Beeformation: The Beeformation is where all of your profile's statistical information is stored.


AS-H: Add sub-honeypot (sub-project)

Hive Assess: The Hive Assess allows you to record and examine a 3D version of your property.

Honeypot: The Honeypot is your "project" within it you can store essential files and documents associated with your project

Honey-Do List: The Honey-Do List allows you to make a to-do list for your project

Sub-Honeypot: The Sub-Honeypot is a sub-project within your primary project

Swarm: The Swarm is a way for you to request a pod or dumpster for your property or waste during a construction project.